Yesterday's News for December 2006

Yesterday's News for December 2006

40 years ago in 1966

•The First Methodist Church of Spencerport held an open house for their new parsonage at 11 Ballard Avenue.

•Spencerport Schools received a federal Special Purpose Library Grant for over $22,000 for library resource materials at the Manitou Road Elementary School.

•Ogden Town Engineer recommended that the Town Board create a town drainage district empowered to modify existing natural drainage systems to make more land suitable for future home sites.

•Sears Roebuck opened a catalog and appliance center in Brockport Plaza. An automatic dryer was $66 and a 19-inch television was $99.

•A New Year’s Eve steak dinner for two and complimentary cocktails was $18 per couple at the Hollybrook Party House in Brockport.

35 years ago in 1971

•Reverend Francis Hester, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Spencerport, died suddenly. He had been at the church for 18 years.

•The Monroe County Parks Department Ski Program began at Northampton Park. The ski hill and sledding hill were completed, and the lodge and rope tow were nearing completion.

•North Chili Hardware opened in Towne Plaza.

•A group of Hillside Drive residents in Spencerport were serving as an ecology bandwagon. Each Saturday they picked up recyclables from their neighbors and dropped them off at the Spencerport Plaza pick-up station.

•One of Churchville’s most well-known and well liked citizens, Altha J. Vail, died. A resident of the village for 60 years, Vail helped new doctors get started in the community after the death of her husband, Dr. Eli Vail.

•Mrs. Mullay of Spencerport was the winner of a Spencerport Lions Club contest and was given three minutes shopping spree to get as many groceries as possible in a cart at Bells Market. Second and third place winners were given two minute and one minute shopping sprees, respectively. A total of $485 in groceries was given away.

30 years ago in 1976

•The Ogden-Spencerport Joint Youth Recreation Commission was authorized to hire a full-time director, but whether the town needed, or could afford one, was still being heavily debated.

•Spencerport service organizations and the Town of Ogden were studying the possibility of developing a community park on the section of land referred to as Spencerport Park at the northwest corner of Union Street and Canal Road, excluding the section closest to the intersection.

•After two years of meetings, inventories, surveys and studies, the first Hilton Master Plan was completed. It cited a critical need for parking in Hilton’s central business district, high volumes of traffic on some main through-streets and limited space at the Post Office.

•Area school sports coaches said that girls sports had come a long way, but there was still substantial progress to be made. In 1969 there were no organized high school girls sports teams, and it was only in 1975 that girls junior varsity teams formed. A gymnastics coach as Spencerport said girls teams were still given second choice for use of facilities and equipment, and that there was quite a difference in salary between male and female coaches. Girls sports were also not as well attended.

25 years ago in 1981

•A record titled “Grand Canal Ballad: A History of the Erie Canal” was released. The record was researched, written, performed, mixed and mastered by SUNY Brockport students.

•Blood pressures were rising among members of the Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance over a decision to allow women to work the overnight shift, and for there to be mixed crews of men and women. In the past, only men had worked at night and women during the day. After the vote, two women quit their day shifts in protest and two men quit their night shifts, refusing to work on a mixed crew.

•A New York State Health Department report stated that intensified housekeeping to control possible asbestos contamination at the Northwood School in Hilton should only be considered a temporary measure until a permanent solution could be implemented. The Hilton School Board considered the state finding an opinion and not a mandate.

•Due to the tight economy and budget cutting policies of the federal government, Hilton English as a Second Language (HESL) was finding it increasingly difficult to help educate immigrants and refugees in reading, writing, communication, survival skills and American culture.

20 years ago in 1986

•After four years of work by the Churchville Codification Committee, a public meeting was held and changes to village laws and ordinances were voted on. Residents would no longer be fined one dollar for racing a horse down Main Street. The law had been on the books for 120 years. However, the law against tieing a horse to a tree in the village remained on the books.

•Keith Ryan and Ed Bozek created the newspaper corporation Westside News Inc., which took over printing of the Suburban News with Ryan as publisher. The newspaper was formerly operated by Erie Canal Newspapers owned by James O’Connor. Ryan had been with Suburban News for 15 years and served as General Manager for part of that time.

•Former Spencerport resident Diane Castle-Babcock was one of 12 printmakers whose work was selected to be in an exhibit in Washington, DC.

•A ribbon cutting and Grand Opening Celebration was held at McDonald’s of Spencerport on December 30.

•Hilton Fire Department Ambulance Corps celebrated 50 years of service to the community by publishing a book to commemorate the occasion.

•The newest Kodak Colorama to be displayed in Grand Central Terminal in New York City featured a photo of a more than a century old farmhouse in Rush. The Colorama was the world’s largest color transparency measuring 18 feet by 60 feet.

15 years ago in 1991

•150 years of higher learning was marked at SUNY Brockport. Brockport Collegiate Institute opened its doors on December 1, 1841.

•Hilton Village Trustees unanimously passed a curfew law for all youths 17 and under between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. on weekdays and between midnight and 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

•Spencerport’s Roger Ressman was serving as Rotary District Governor for District 7120 which spanned from Lake Ontario to Pennsylvania and from Seneca Falls to Cuba, New York. Governor was the district’s highest leadership post.

•Picketing Holley teachers forced the cancellation of a basketball game on December 6. On December 9, 100 student held a sit-down demonstration in the Holley High School main corridor to protest the cancellation of the game, and because they were upset that they had been drawn into the teachers’ contract dispute.

•Members of St. George’s Episcopal Church celebrated their first Christmas in a new church building on Wilder Road in Parma.

•Governor Mario Cuomo’s proposal to cut health care funding to institutions across the state had area hospitals scrambling to find areas to cut. Lakeside Health System Vice President Ted Hart said, “There is no way Lakeside can provide health services with these budget cuts.”

10 years ago in 1996

•Brockport’s Seymour Library opened in its new location at 161 East Avenue. The library was closed for just less than one month to complete the move.

•Renee Fagan resigned from the Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance Board after 23 years of service to the Ambulance Corps.

•Village of Brockport was studying plans to move the village offices to the Seymour Building.

•The Bergen Historical Association was trying to save the century old Harford barn located behind Bergen Town Hall and convert it into a museum of local history. Some board members wanted to tear down the barn rather than continue repair and restoration, which was estimated to cost $30,00.

•Fire destroyed more than half of the Sodoma family’s Sweden Walker Road compound that included a farm market, greenhouses and storage buildings. Over 140 firefighters helped battle the blaze. Smoldering piles of cabbage were visible for days.

•Monroe County took over the Brockport Water System providing water to residents of the village and several surrounding communities.

5 years ago in 2001

•The holiday season began with unseasonably warm temperatures. The sixth annual Christmas on the Canal was held in Spencerport on December 2. That same day, the second annual Candlelight Walk was held in Brockport to raise awareness that there are needy folks in the community, to raise money to help them, and to strengthen the bond of community in the holiday season.

•Walter Cronkite shared stories from his long history of covering the news for CBS at the Lakeside Foundation 2001 Annual Gala Dinner on December 7.

•Hilton School District voters approved a $58 million capital project. School officials said the district-wide project will focus on three main issues: safety, security and the ability to meet increased academic standards. It also includes an all-weather competition track, lacrosse field, fitness center and swimming pool.

•A reception was held at the Morgan-Manning House on December 9 to honor Clarkson Town Justice Stanley H. Pogroszewski on his retirement after 32 years of service.

•On December 11, the Town of Murray’s proposal to construct a 5,200 square foot office building was defeated by a margin of 244 to 177. The building would have carried a price tag of approximately $548,000. An earlier and more expensive proposal was also turned down by voters in October.

•Over 250 individual toys, games and sports equipment were donated by Hilton Central Schools staff and students as part of their Angel Project for children served by the Society for the Protection and Care of Children (SPCC) in Rochester. Donations were valued at over $7,500.