Yesterday's News for November 2001

Yesterday's News for November 2001

35 years ago in 1966

•The old railroad depot on Coldwater Road in Gates was remodeled by owner Victor Bromley and converted into Furniture Mart.

•Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance began 24 hour service to the community free of charge.

•A Friday Fish Fry at White House Restaurant in Churchville was just 99¢.

30 years ago in 1971

•Peterson’s drug store opened in North Chili’s Towne Plaza. Among their Grand Opening Specials were Head and Shoulders Shampoo for 49¢, Miss Breck Hair Spray for 49¢ and Lavoris Mouthwash for 99¢.

•Spencerport’s boys soccer team won the Western Division Class B Soccer trophy. The Rangers defeated Wayne Central Schools’ team to win the championship.

•Why cook when a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie was just $1.56 at the Bradford House Restaurant in Brockport Plaza?

25 years ago in 1976

•Two centuries of female progress was the subject of a display at the historian’s office at the Parma Town Hall. Victorian dresses and early 20th century household utensils were among the items of display.

•Merchants in the Chili-Paul Plaza were hopeful about the plaza’s future in anticipation of the opening of Grossman’s, a retail home improvement center, and Bell’s Supermarket by the end of the year.

•Spencerport Village Board wanted the Spencerport Inn on Martha Street to be demolished because of dangerous conditions. The building had been boarded up since being heavily damaged by fire in December 1975.

20 years ago in 1981

•The Town of Parma and Village of Hilton declared November 22 through 28 as Family Unity Week to encourage people to join in meaningful family activities.

•St. Paul Lutheran School in Hilton celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a potluck dinner and slide presentation.

•Hilton defeated Liverpool to win the first Intersectionals Class A Championship game in the history of girls soccer. The game was scoreless throughout regular play. The Cadettes won in double overtime.

•“Raiders of the Lost Ark,” starring Harrison Ford, was playing at the Studio Theater in Brockport.

15 years ago in 1986

•Ogden Presbyterian Church, the first church built in Ogden, celebrated its 175th Anniversary on November 1 and 2 with an open house and special “old style” church service.

•Bill and Donna Ehrmentraut were developing the Hidden Meadows Community in Bergen. Away from the traffic of Route 19, the community of modular homes was being developed for adults age 55 and over.

•Churchville Legionnaires prepared Thanksgiving Dinner for 100 area residents who were alone, lonely or in need of food.

10 years ago in 1991

•Members of Spencerport High School’s band were flown to California to perform as part of the Disney Channel’s Tribute to the American Teacher. Spencerport music teacher Terry Taylor was selected as Disney’s American Teacher of the Year in the performing arts category.

•Century Mold Company, Inc. expanded and opened a new 80,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility on Vantage Point Drive in Ogden.

•Local boy scouts Tom Kiesling and Jeff Marsiglio were leading clean-up efforts at cemeteries on Dresser Road and Brower Road in Ogden. Working towards Eagle Scot status, the boys cleared out brush and garbage and also located, reassembled and reset grave markers.

5 years ago in 1996

•Pettis Pools was in the process of demolishing part of their Greece store so that they could rebuild at the same location. They believed in was more cost effective to rebuild rather than extensively remodel the existing building.

•Churchville-Chili Superintendent of Schools David P. Ryan was honored at a retirement celebration at Logan’s Party House. Ryan had served as Superintendent for 16 years.

•Forget the presidential election - the closest race in 1996 was the race for Sweden Town Council. Only three votes separated Democratic challenger Mort Wexler and Republican incumbent Jim Rice. A tabulating machine failure delayed the counting of 175 absentee ballots. After all the votes had been counted, Wexler was declared the winner.

1 year ago in 2000

•The SUNY Brockport Golden Eagles football team finished their season undefeated for the first time in school history. The Golden Eagles were also selected to host the NCAA Division III Tournament playoff game Thanksgiving weekend.

•Seven months after being destroyed by fire, the Craft-Antique Co-op announced it plans to re-open at the old Ruby Gordon Furniture building at 3200 Ridge Road West, next to Max Pies Carpet. Renovations on the building began in early November.

•Spencerport Jubilee grocery store announced that it was going out of business and closed its doors on November 15 leaving the village of Spencerport without a grocery store for the first time in many decades. Village residents were left wondering where they would shop.

•Three Spencerport firefighters – Bill Hallinan, Ray Young and Matt Palermo – were recognized for their bravery while responding to a fatal house fire on Brower Road in Ogden in August.

•For the first time ever, the Erie Canal was being “strategically dewatered” by having canal water controllably drained into area streams and creeks to support the region’s sport fishing.