Yesterday's News for August 2007

Yesterday's News for August 2007

40 years ago in 1967

•The Vandertangs opened the Village Shoe Store in Spencerport Village Plaza, selling shoes for the entire family.

•A paper written by Spencerport resident and Eastman Kodak Company employee, Walter Snyder, was selected by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers as the most outstanding paper originally published in the society’s journal in 1966. An award was going to be presented to Snyder in Chicago in September.

•Matheos Dairy Bar on Union Street, Spencerport, held a centennial special on banana splits. Six big scoops of ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, fruit salad and nuts for just 75¢.

•Chili Supervisor Samuel Kent turned down a proposal from New York state suggesting the sale of lottery tickets in Chili Town Hall. The proposal sent to Kent was one of many directed at local governments across the state to stimulate interest in buying lottery tickets.

•Hilton Car Wash opened on Railroad Avenue. An automatic, two-minute, whirley car wash was 50¢, do-it-yourself was 25¢.

•The Town of Riga became the 14th Monroe County community in less than six years to sign a water leasing agreement with Monroe County Water Authority. The new arrangement would allow Riga residents to purchase public water for the first time in the town’s history.

35 years ago in 1972

•A Grand Opening was held at Pizza Pantry on Ridge Road West in Spencerport. The restaurant had seating for 175 and served hamburgers, steak and seafood in addition to pizza.

•Town of Riga Highway Superintendent Floyd Urkfitz retired. He began his employment with the town in 1936, and had served as Highway Superintendent since 1957.

•The Boothe Insurance Building, located just north of Brockport near Lakeside Hospital, was completed. The modern building featured special arcadia S-45 windows gold tinted to cut down the heat of the sun’s rays, electric heat and air conditioning. According to the article, “no expense has been spared by the owners in their efforts to provide the greatest possible creativity in the formation of this unique structure.”

•Doing some Back-to-School shopping at Workingmans Family Store in Brockport, one would find boys and men’s basketball sneakers for $2.97, girls dresses two for $5, boys and girls sweaters for $3.37, and boys school shirts for $2.37.

30 years ago in 1977

•Rochester Savings Bank Metroteller was becoming popular in the area. These in-store banking facilities allowed greater convenience for customers who could make deposits and withdrawals from standard savings accounts, cash checks and make mortgage payments at the grocery store. The first one opened at the Hilton Super Duper in March, and one was also located in Bell’s Market in Spencerport.

•The first annual Founders Day Celebration was held August 20 for the residents of Ogden and Spencerport. The afternoon and evening of free family entertainment included a dance and a Dixieland concert by Bourbon Street Parade.

•Work was underway in the Village of Churchville to replace water lines and build a new 500,000 gallon water tank at the south end of the village, as part of the first fully-funded project the village had ever undertaken. A federal grant of $1,723,000 was received through the Economic Development Administration.

•The Spencerport Star, one of the oldest newspapers in the county, ceased publication.

•Rudgers Shamrock service station opened in North Chili. •A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, “Star Wars” was held over at the Brockport Strand.

25 years ago in 1982

•After more than a year of planning and fundraising, 36 Spencerport soccer players, their coaches and chaperone left for Brussels, Belgium and a two and a half week tour of England, Germany and Holland to play in eight matches against European soccer teams.

•Elmcrest Manor, South Main Street, Churchville, was being restored and the interior being repaired and redesigned into 13 separate apartments under the direction of Hank Aradine.

•North Chili Super Duper became Towne Super. Among their re-opening specials were 13 oz. Keebler cookies for 79¢ and 8 oz. Kraft American cheese sliced singles for 99¢.

•Author and former Spencerport resident Bill Brittain was at Spencerport Pharmacy signing copies of his book Devil’s Donkey.

•The Spencerport Rotary Club honored local residents Tom Brewer and Steve Cronkite, both age 17, for saving the life of 23 year old Jim Fitch while on lifeguard duty at Deerfield Country Club. Fitch was attempting to perform a Houdini-type escape at night for about 50 members and guests of the Brockport Rotary Club. His arms and hands were chained, a rope tied around his neck, and he was placed in a canvas bag that was tied and lowered into 12 feet of water. When Fitch didn’t resurface after two minutes, Brewer and Cronkite dove into the dark, murkey water, pulled him out, and performed artificial respiration to revive him.

20 years ago in 1987

•The tenth annual Hamlin Hoedown was held August 9 at Hamlin Beach State Park. A crowd of thousands attended for foot-stomping family entertainment.

•Members of the Ogden Senior Center held a send-off party for Leon and Donna Roets who were moving to New Mexico after many years of dedication to Ogden Seniors. Leon served as their president in the 1970s and worked diligently for the expansion of the Senior Center.

•Mary Elsie Robertson of Brick Schoolhouse Road, Hamlin, had her fourth novel, Family Life, published.

•Some residents of Gillett Road complained to the Ogden Town Council about noise and potential danger from tractor truck traffic in and out of Turner Park Industrial Isle.

•Hilton Village Board voted 3-1 to appropriate $66,000 to purchase the abandoned Hojack railroad property from Lake Avenue to the village line. The Village of Hilton and Town of Parma hoped for industrial growth on the site.

•Ribbon-cutting ceremonies August 25 officially opened the Hilton School District bus maintenance facility.

15 years ago in 1992

•Descendants of the Klafehn family of the Hamlin area gathered for their 85th annual family reunion. With over 2,000 members, about two-thirds of them in the area, the Klafehns found it most efficient to run the family like a corporation with a president, secretary and treasurer. Over 300 attended the reunion and a special camera was used to take a group photo, the first group photo taken since 1936.

•More than 325 gathered to sing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” the theme song for CBS’s “This Morning” show, and celebrate Lakeside Memorial Hospital’s 60th anniversary for television. The local performace was scheduled to air on “This Morning” on September 25.

•Volunteers including Churchville-Chili school district personnel, students and parents, were painting and redecorating the C-C High School cafeteria, front foyer and hallways.

•Summer movies at Cine 8 in Greece included Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Geena Davis, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell in “A League of Their Own” and Whoopi Goldberg in “Sister Act.”

10 years ago in 1997

•David N. Moore was appointed director of the Adult Education Department of Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES replacing Lorelee Castaldo, who retired after serving nine years as director.

•A majority of Brookdale and Brook Terrace residents signed a petition presented to the Brockport Village Board on August 4 asking the village not to connect their dead-end neighborhood to the South Avenue extension that was under construction.

•An Ogden man stepped in front of an Amtrak Train in Alden, New York, killing himself after he had killed his wife, daughter and granddaughter in their Meadow Drive home in Spencerport.

•Workers were pushing to complete the 21 classroom addition to Taylor Elementary School in Spencerport in time for the opening of school on September 3.

5 years ago in 2002

•The 585 area code became permanent on August 17.

•The Town of Ogden proclaimed August 17 as Colby Homestead Farms Day as the Colby family celebrated the 200th anniversary of their farm.

•The Brockport Fire Department unveiled and dedicated their Firefighters Memorial Monument located at Capen Hose Company Station #4, South Main Street, on August 18. The monument featured wood carvings by Brockport’s Richard Kron similar to the famous photograph of three firefighters raising the American flag on a leaning pole at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

•Flashing lights were installed at the intersections of East and West Fork Lake Road and Brick Schoolhouse Road in Hamlin after the town requested that the DOT study the intersections because of accident history.

•Clarkson Good Neighbor Day on August 24 featured for the first time a 13 event Lumberjack and Jill Contest.

•June Clase of Bergen created a collection of more than 30 CDs, several operas, three soundtracks and an assortment of DVDs and videos featuring opera singer Renee Fleming (who was raised in Churchville) to donate to the Newman Riga Library for everyone to borrow. Clase also set up an endowment to allow the library to purchase new materials as they become available.

•After an extensive search involving more than 60 candidates, Lakeside Health System Board of Directors hired Charles W. Smith as CEO of Lakeside Health System and President of Lakeside Memorial Hospital, replacing Robert W. Harris, who retired.

•The historic homestead at 90 South Lake Avenue, Bergen, was sold at auction. The old farmhouse was built by the Wilcox family when Bergen was just becoming a community, and it was last farmed by the Mayne family.