Yesterday's News for August 2003

Yesterday's News for August 2003

35 years ago in 1968

•The new Roman Catholic Parish in North Chili held its first services on August 4. The name of the new church had not yet been chosen. All members of the congregation over age seven were going to vote on a name.

•A Town of Sweden Airport Committee was appointed to look into the desirability of town sponsorship of a modern landing field to serve private and business aircraft.

•Clarence E. Olmsted announced his plans to retire as District Principal of the Churchville-Chili Central School District effective July 1, 1969. Olmsted was appointed principal of Churchville High School in 1940. In 1953 when the Churchville system and 13 surrounding districts centralized to form the Churchville-Chili Central School District, he was chosen for District Principal.

•Rodney L. Jones, Associate Minister at Pearce Memorial Church in North Chili, was appointed by the Genesee Conference of the Free Methodist Church to open a new church in the southwest area of Rochester.

•Hilton’s Crimson Cadet Marching Band and Performing Units travelled to Syracuse for the New York State Fair and brought home four trophies after competing in the New York State High School Competition for bands and marching units. Hilton’s Drum Major, David Stacco, took a first place trophy.

30 years ago in 1973

•A special vote was held August 2 asking for $7,597 to save the Hilton Crimson Cadets Marching Band, whose funding had been cut from the school budget along with several other extracurricular activities.

•A court action was filed against Monroe County to prevent the establishment of a landfill in Black Creek Park. The petition was filed by William Callahan, Robert Criddle and Donald Ramsey who believed that the decision to establish a landfill could not be decided alone by the county, but that it should be subject to a permissive referendum.

•The new Dome Arena at the Monroe County Fairground was the scene of a Gala and Dinner on August 13 to celebrate the 150th Fair in Monroe County.

•Ogden Telephone Company raised their service rates approximately 15 percent. It was the company’s first rate increase since 1961. The additional revenues were needed for employee wages and interest on money the company had borrowed for the growth and expansion of local service areas.

•Spencerport Board of Education appointed Dr. Robert Sudlow Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services effective August 13. Sudlow had 16 years of teaching experience.

25 years ago in 1978

•A team of soccer players from the Churchville area went to Europe for two weeks to play against teams from England, the Netherlands and Germany.

•After 15 years on Route 31 in Brockport, Martin’s Drive-In frozen dessert stand closed. The business had always been run by the Martin family without hiring outside help. Owner Jean Martin said that the ages of her nine children were such that they could not continue running the stand.

•Eunice Kennedy Shriver visited the SUNY Brockport campus for the tenth annual Special Olympics Director’s Conference. Brockport hosted the conference and was also chosen to host the fifth International Special Olympics Games in August 1979. Shriver said she was overjoyed by the selection of Brockport to host the games in part because of the “great community feeling” here.

•New York State Transportation Commissioner William C. Hennessy was seeking $15 million in federal aid for maintenance and operation of the Erie Canal. A senate committee approved a resolution call on the Army Corps of Engineers to make a study on what the federal government’s interest in the canal could be.

•A Spencerport man was arrested for growing a marijuana plant in his back yard. Police guessed the weight of the plant to be about 20 pounds.

20 years ago in 1983

•Group W Cable announced it would pay 5.25 percent interest per month to customers who had subscribed for cable service, but were not receiving it because of delays in getting transmission of service operational.

•NYSDOT recommended the Federal Highway Administration approved design alternative two for the extension of I-490 west of Elmgrove Road to Washington Street in Ogden. The recommended route, the most northerly of the three alternatives, closely paralleled Route 31, and was not the alternative the Ogden Town Board preferred.

•Spencerport hosted its first national championship of the U.S. Youth Soccer Association. Teams from Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle and Oceanside, Long Island competed for the Niotis Cup for boys 16 and under August 19 through 21 at Spencerport’s varsity soccer field. In the final game, Seattle’s Federal Way defeated St. Louis 3-1 before an estimated crowd of 1,500.

•Spencerport resident and Gates teacher Jim Quamo got the opportunity to play an umpire in the Robert Redford film “The Natural” which was filming in Buffalo. Quamo, a softball interpreter for the Rochester District Umpires Association, and an umpire with the Amateur Softball Association, screen tested for a speaking part in the film, but lost that part when producers couldn’t contact him while he was on vacation with his family. Ultimately he got a non-speaking role which had him in several scenes with Redford filmed over two days. Speaking of his experiences on set Quamo said, “I was on cloud nine.”

15 years ago in 1988

•Churchville Village Trustees and Planning Board, with the Monroe County Planning Board, were working to bring a new industrial area to the village. AMA Screen Graphics was interested in the site if application for county and federal industrial development grants for a new manufacturing plant were approved.

•Approximately 100 Catamarans raced in the tenth annual Ontario Open Regatta August 6 and 7 at Hamlin Beach State Park. The race was a qualifier for the Northeastern Championships.

•Chapter 193 Viet Nam Veterans donated a POW/MIA flag to the Village of Churchville in a ceremony August 6.

•The Hamlin home of Frank and Diana Celona was featured in the music video for pop singer Glenn Medeiros’ song “Long and Lasting Love.” The three-and-a-half minute video took three days to shoot and included scenes from a Red Wings game, a rollerskating rink in Rochester, Hamlin Beach and the interior and exterior of the Celona home.

•Several Chili residents spoke out against College Greene senior housing project proposed by Roberts Wesleyan College. Many expressed concerns about water run-off, property values, and quality of life for seniors living in the development.

•Spencerport Pharmacy, a village business since 1971, relocated the business to South Union Street, doubling the size of the original store.

•Brockport Volunteer Fire Department responded to two fires on August 29. One on Main Street was caused by children playing with a lighter and left 40 people homeless. The other, at Kleen Brite, was less serious.

10 years ago in 1993

•Augie Calabrese, 30, of Spencerport, and Jack Birecree, 40, of Ogden were competing in the Iron Man Canada triathalon in British Columbia. This was the first full triathalon for both men, who were hoping to qualify for the World Iron Man Championships.

•Spencerport’s Rebecca Webster won a silver medal in javelin on August 5 at the Empire State Games with a throw of 89 feet seven inches.

•Voters in the Churchville-Chili School District approved two propositions to fund the construction of a new building and make additional renovations throughout the district.

•After nearly 25 years in business, Brockport’s Card and Candle gift shop closed its doors.

•Chili Supervisor Jerome Brixner decided not to seek a second term in office, claiming the town board had driven him out because of a dispute over the director of finance position, over which Brixner sued the Town Board and lost.

•Brockport’s Capen Hose Fire Company No. 4 celebrated 100 years of service at a banquet on August 28. The company’s historic leather fire brigade bucket, give to them by village founder William H. Seymour, was returned to the company after being missing since 1899.

5 years ago in 1998

•The Duane R. Ivison Memorial Gazebo in Byron Community Park was dedicated in a ceremony on August 9.

•Company officials at Luster-Coate in Churchville held an open house on August 9 to make people in the neighborhood more aware of what goes on at the plant.

•A spaghetti dinner and raffle were held August 16 to raise funds for Giulio Verde, owner of the Evergreen Restaurant in Hamlin, to help defray costs of a heart transplant he was preparing to undergo in Cleveland.

•NYSDEC removed the Hamlin Town Dump, located on Brick Schoolhouse Road, from the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites. The one-acre privately owned landfill was operated by the Town of Hamlin from 1960 to 1971. Drums and contaminated soil were removed from the site in 1993.

•Edward Casey, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at the Churchville-Chili School District, retired after 40 years in education, 28 of them at Churchville-Chili.

•Students from Expressions of Dance by Lisa in Spencerport were invited to take part in the Orange Bowl Half-Time Show which was set to take place in Miami on January 2, 1999.

•The final remedy for the Sweden-3-Chapman hazardous waste site on Beadle Road had begun. Site Remediation Services, Inc. was hired by NYSDEC to excavate and treat contaminated soils at the site, place the treated soils back in the landfill and then cover the landfill.

•Bob Wilson held an open house on August 29 for anyone interested in seeing his replica model of the Hojack rail that ran from Kendall to Morton from 1876 through the 1970’s. The 30-foot long replica set up in Wilson’s basement took four years to make and included the railway and 30 buildings that stood along the line at one time.

1 year ago in 2002

•The 585 area code became permanent on August 17.

•The Town of Ogden proclaimed August 17 as Colby Homestead Farms Day as the Colby family celebrated the 200th anniversary of their farm.

•The Brockport Fire Department unveiled and dedicated their Firefighters Memorial Monument located at Capen Hose Company Station #4, South Main Street, on August 18. The monument features wood carvings by Brockport’s Richard Kron similar to the famous photograph of three firefighters raising the American flag on a leaning pole at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

•GE/Black and Decker and 3M/Dynacolor signed a formal agreement outlining the specifics of the clean-up plan of contaminated soil in Brockport. 3M/Dynacolor was to remove contaminated soil along Tributary 3 of Brockport Creek, while GE was responsible for removing soil from nine residential properties north of their former State Street facility. Actual clean-up began in September and was expected to take 2 to 3 months.

•June Clase of Bergen created a collection of more than 30 CDs, nine or ten operas, three soundtracks and an assortment of DVDs and videos featuring opera singer Renee Fleming (who was raised in Churchville) to donate to the Newman Riga Library for everyone to borrow. Clase also set up an endowment to allow the library to purchase new materials as they become available.

•The historic homestead at 90 South Lake Avenue, Bergen, was sold at auction. The old farmhouse was built by the Wilcox family when Bergen was just becoming a community, and it was last farmed by the Mayne family.