Yesterday's News August 2000

Yesterday's News for August 2000

35 years ago in 1965

•Reverend A. Sydney Kitts was installed in a ceremony at Chili's Lutheran Church of Our Savior.

•Members of Spencerport Junior Riflemen participated in the New York State Regional Matches held in Canandaigua, and at the team's annual awards picnic Gary Menchey was named club champion. He was the youngest shooter in the club's history to reach Distinguished Expert rank so fast and so young.

•Fish Fry dinners were 99¢ at Wanda's Restaurant in Spencerport.

30 years ago in 1970

•Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES in Spencerport received a federal grant for special education and special subject teachers to develop a curriculum guide for working with mentally handicapped children.

•Ellsworth J. Wilson retired from his position as district principal of Spencerport Central Schools after 40 years of service to the district.

•At age eight, Tim O'Brien of Hilton set a new age group world record for the 880 yard run with a time of 2:59.5. The previous record was 3:01.

25 years ago in 1975

•Duryea Ford in Brockport celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a "Super Sale." A brand new 1975 Pinto was $2,851, and a new 1975 Maverick was $3,003.

•Reverend W. George Thornton, minister of the Spencerport and Churchville United Methodist Churches, was named Photo Journalist of the Year at the International Convention of the Photographic Society of America.

20 years ago in 1980

•A Grand Opening Celebration was held at Canning Street Square in Hilton. Ten stores including The Greenery, Scissor Stop, The Village Photographer and Once Around Twice, opened joining Marple Furniture in the building. More stores were expected to open in the fall.

•Ingram's Chimney Sweeps of Greece donated 15% of their August proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Ingram's cleaned chimneys dressed in traditional British chimney sweep gear - top hats and tails.

•The Village of Brockport was being plagued by vandals. There had been 15 occurences of vandalism on Main Street in three months.

15 years ago in 1985

Fundraising was underway for two area playgrounds. One was to be built near Fairbanks Road Elementary School in Churchville and the other was to be built at Pineway Ponds Park in Ogden.

•The 200 members of the Chili Golden Agers celebrated the group's 20th Anniversary with a dinner party at The Party House.

•Joseph Schuth, owner of Salmon Creek Country Club, died suddenly after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 66 years old.

10 years ago in 1990

•Hilton launched their new recycling program with Recycling Expo '90 including a variety of recycling demonstrations and exhibits at Furnal's Big M.

•The Town of Riga joined forces with two citizens groups, ECOR and ROBBED, to prevent placement of Mill Seat landfill in the town.

•Spencerport Village Board passed an ordinance restricting skateboarding on village owned or leased lots, public parks and cemeteries.

5 years ago in 1995

•A reception was held to celebrate the historic preservation designation of the Brockport Strand Theater. The Strand opened as a theater in 1916 and was believed to be the oldest motion picture theater in the area.

•Firefighters fought a blaze in the home of Holley Village Trustee Chris Harrington. The house was rendered uninhabitable, but there were no serious injuries.

•Pat Lupo Mayne of Gates was inducted into the New York State Twirlers Hall of Fame. She began baton twirling at age three and has taught over 2,000 students in the area over the past 35 years.