Yesterday's News for July 2003

Yesterday's News for July 2003

35 years ago in 1968

•The Pulver House in Northampton Park was being developed as a museum by the Ogden Historical Society. Local girl scouts assisted in cleaning and preparing the building for an Open House held on July 14 when the public was invited to inspect the house, barn and garden which had recently been acquired as a headquarters for the Historical Society.

•The contract for supplying a new building to be occupied by the Spencerport Post Office was awarded to the Parker Development Corp. of Spencerport. The new building on Union Street between East Avenue and Slayton Avenue was going to be leased to the Post Office Department for ten years with four separate five-year renewals.

•Over 4,000 firemen attended the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s 69th annual convention that was held July 22 through 24 in Scottsville. The convention included displays and demonstrations as well as a competitive firemen’s tournament that the public was invited to attend.

•After serving 20 years as Spencerport’s mayor, Lester Merz resigned his position effective July 22 to pursue other interests. Vice Mayor Edward McKinney took over as mayor.

•A July 27 ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the North Chili Post Office facility on Buffalo Road.

•Chili’s library settled into its first permanent home. Volunteers carried the library system’s 18,000 volumes to its newly constructed library building which adjoined the Town Hall on the east.

•McComb’s Johnson House in Churchville served a complete Champagne Dinner on Tuesdays. The dinner included roast prime sirloin of beef, soup, salad, baked potato, fruited ice or apple pie, and champagne served throughout the main course for $5.50.

30 years ago in 1973

•The Chili Town Hall was being renovated to convert the space the library had vacated five years earlier into office space to bring all of the town officials and staff under a single roof.

•Ground was broken July 8 on land at 6605 Fourth Section Road, Brockport, for a new church building for the First German Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Congregation which had been formed in 1886.

•J. Merton Colby was honored at a dinner July 11 commemorating his 30 years of service to the Ogden community. As a token of appreciation, Colby was given a pewter tray embellished with the town seal and signatures of people connected with the Zoning Board.

•Chili East Pultney Society hosted an Open House at the Chili Cobblestone Schoolhouse on Scottsville Road as part of the celebration of the school’s 125th birthday. This open house was believed to be one of the first held since the school’s construction in 1848.

•After careful review of allegations against Ogden Chief of Police Thomas F. Brownell, the Ogden Town Board officially relieved Brownell of his duties.

•Governor Rockefeller announced that $1,600 in state aid had been allocated by the State Division for Youth to the Town of Riga for the operation of a youth recreation program conducted by the Riga Recreation Commission.

25 years ago in 1978

•Charlotte Osborne Stein retired from her math teaching position at Churchville-Chili High School after 41 years of teaching in the Rochester area.

•Spencerport’s postmaster position was finally filled one year after it was officially opened to applications. During that year, regulations kept changing and candidates would withdraw their applications. Scottsville postmaster Dave Streb accepted the position.

•A Grand Opening was held July 15 at Dollinger’s, located at the corner of Routes 31 and 19 in Brockport. They didn’t serve hamburgers ... “just the best charcoaled hot dogs in the world.” As part of their grand opening, customers received a free Coca-Cola with every purchase.

•The Parma Public Library was officially dedicated on July 16, a little more than five months after it opened its doors to customers.

•Ogden Senior Citizens received a $20,000 grant for additions to the Senior Center on Union Street in Spencerport under Title V of the Older Americans Act.

•Although its origins date back to 1888, the Hilton Fire Department celebrated the 50th anniversary of its incorporation at their annual carnival.

•Colby’s Farm Market opened on Route 31 in Spencerport. The market was the brain child of Jean Colby, whose family had been farming land in Ogden since 1802.

20 years ago in 1983

•North Chili’s Towne Super celebrated its 25th anniversary. When it opened in 1958 it was the first Super Duper in the Rochester area, and the most modern grocery store on the west side of Monroe County.

•Former Hilton fire chief and semi-professional baseball player, Charles “Joe” Kerwin, 78, died of cancer on July 6 at Highland Hospital. He was an infielder for the Hilton Peaches semi-pro team from 1925 to 1930. Kerwin served as Hilton fire chief in 1935 and 1936, and in 1948 he was elected the first president of the Hilton Fire Department.

•George Feltner of Chili joined 11 other St. Lawrence University alumni and students in a relay-style run from Santa Monica, California to Annapolis, Maryland. They set a record of 12 days, one hour and 35 minutes, breaking the previous record, set by a team from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1979, by almost two days.

•Ogden residents were aggravated by continuing delays in bringing cable television to their homes. Group W Cable was having trouble getting first FAA then FCC approval for a Spencerport transmission tower.

•Ogden was in the first year of a Community Garden project. The town requested use of the land on Union Street near the Boy Scout Lodge which had been willed to Ogden Presbyterian Church for community use. Sixteen plots 20 feet by 30 feet were available for a $10 rental fee.

•John Travolta and Finola Hughes were “Staying Alive” while Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were fighting the “Return of the Jedi” at the Brockport Strand.

15 years ago in 1988

•Work began on a facelift for Spencerport’s Village Plaza to include a new parking area and expansion of Bell’s Supermarket and Rite Aid Drug Store.

•John Post of Chili Avenue had a sinking feeling on July 7 when his boat, “Dad’s Dream” sprung a leak while cruising the Erie Canal. All of the boat’s passengers got safely to shore near Spencerport’s lift bridge. Members of the Spencerport Volunteer Fire Department pumped water from the boat, and another boater towed “Dad’s Dream” to Captain Jeff’s Marina.

•Peterson Drugs’ Love of Pete in North Chili’s Towne Plaza held a celebration July 8 to commemorate Garfield the cat’s 10th birthday.

•Former Riga Town Clerk Ruth Hammell, 67, died July 15 from complications following cancer treatment. She served as Town Clerk from 1973 to 1981, and had previously worked for Churchville-Chili School District.

•An “advanced gifts” fundraising drive began July 20 to gather an additional $75,000 for a new wing on the Riga Free Library. $50,000 had already been donated to the library by Floyd Newman, a philanthropist who was raised in Churchville. The $125,000 expansion was to include a new wing extending towards South Main Street, equipment, books and meeting and office space.

•Reverend Charles N. Goehring, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Spencerport, retired after 34 years in the ministry, 19 of them at Trinity.

•Scott Capamaggio and Fred Farnsworth were marketing the Page Keeper® - the world’s only spring-activated bookmark. The two were president and vice-president of the Tabnic Corporation headquartered in Byron. They expected to sell over one million units in 1988.

•Increases in landfill tipping fees left area towns and villages to absorb extra costs until budget time. Hamlin was looking into recycling to reduce trash volume.

10 years ago in 1993

•The Town of Sweden adopted an ordinance prohibiting private nuisance suits against farmers who engage in sound agricultural practices.

•Hilton’s 1992 Olympic speed skating gold medalist Cathy Turner opened Cathy Turner’s Empire Fitness in the Hilton Big M Plaza.

•SUNY Brockport became a totally smoke-free workplace in a new policy prompted by recent studies indicating that second-hand smoke posed a significant risk to non-smokers.

•Dianne Moore was appointed as Chili’s new comptroller by a town board vote of 4-1. The only opposition was Supervisor Jerome Brixner who had fired Moore from her position as the town’s director of finance on June 25. In an effort to get Moore rehired, the board created the comptroller position.

•The Village of Churchville municipal parking lot improvements began under the direction of Spencerport based engineer Tom Pavone of T.A. Pavone and Associates. Work entailed a number of improvements to the central parking area on South Main Street in the village.

•The proposal to extend Chili’s Water District to include 239 homes south of Black Creek was defeated by a vote of 1070 to 352.

•Brockport High School graduates from the years 1950 through 1959 were invited to a 50’s Graduation Party at the Brockport Arby’s on July 31.

5 years ago in 1998

•GE announced that it had purchased property on the south side of Lyman Street in Brockport and was planning to construct a groundwater remediation system there after removing existing structures on the property.

•Former Murray Supervisor James J. Piedimonte, 68, died July 4 after a long illness.

•Annette Montstream of Clarkson was arrested July 8 and charged with second degree murder in connection with the June murder of her husband, John Montstream, who was lured to Northampton Park and shot. John Montstream’s body was found a week later in a parking garage in Niagara Falls. Annette Montstream confessed to conspiring to have her husband killed.

•After 40 years of darkness, the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse at Golden Hill State Park in Barker, was relit on July 12. It had been decommissioned 40 years prior in favor of a more modern light in a steel tower nearby. Friends of Thirty Mile Point were instrumental in the restoration of the historic lighthouse.

•Nine year-old Ryan Chalmers of Churchville returned from the Junior National Wheelchair Championships in Seattle, Washington with seven gold and three silver medals around his neck for track and field events, and having shattered two national throwing records.

•Dr. Richard Timbs took over as Spencerport’s new Superintendent of Schools.

•The Town of Parma was hoping to expand their Town Park by 58 acres and construct seven multi-purpose youth sports fields as well as an outdoor skating facility. The plans were all dependent on the town receiving a grant.

•Public opposition stalled plans to develop a public park along the north side of the canal in Spencerport with a walkway from Upton Avenue in the village. The Village Board was reconsidering accepting a $35,000 grant from New York State to acquire the land and build the park.

•The Village of Hilton held a Grand Re-opening to celebrate the completion of NYSDOT’s year-long roadway project in the village.

1 year ago in 2002

•Excavation was again underway at the Byron Dig. For three weeks, approximately 150 volunteers assisted Dr. Richard Laub and his team of specialists as they carefully and systematically sifted through layers of soil, searching for bones and artifacts from the Ice Age. The Hiscock site in Byron is one of the largest and longest ongoing digs in existence and constitutes one of the richest finds of Mastadon bones east of the Mississippi.

•Brockport High School choruses past and present held a reception July 12 honoring Maryellen Giese, choral director and music department chair, for 31 years of service and dedication.

•Congressman John LaFalce announced that he would not seek re-election after serving 28 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

•Dr. Samuel Beach Bradley’s 19th century Hoosick office was being reconstructed and restored at the Parma Meetinghouse Grounds.

•The Village of Brockport was looking into the opportunity to acquire a contract to offer exclusive pouring rights in the village to Coca-Cola®.

•Warren Kozireski, station manager of SUNY Brockport’s student radio station 89.1 The Point, was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, the highest honor given to those who work in the SUNY system. Kozireski is a freelance sports writer for Westside News Inc.

•North Chili resident and Churchville-Chili Board of Education president Sheryl Johnson was elected president of the Monroe County School Boards Association.