Yesterday's News July 1999

Yesterday's News for July 1999

30 years ago in 1969

•For your 4th of July picnic: a 16 inch charcoal grill was $1.97 at the Brockport Big N; at Star market a whole watermelon was $0.85, Maplecrest Hots and spare ribs were both $0.79 a pound; and a Bell's in Spencerport, ground beef was $0.64 a pound, Heinz ketchup was $0.10 and sweet corn was $0.84 a dozen.

25 years ago in 1974

•Garbage was piling up all over Ogden and Parma when the Ogden Town Board refused to convert the Ogden Town Dump from solid waste only to general purpose. Garbage wasn't picked up for over three weeks because a suitable landfill site could not be found.

• Public safety was increased when the Hilton Fire Department got a new quint ladder truck with a 100 foot hydraulic ariel ladder and the Ogden Police Department received a new radio console with four channels to allow monitoring of calls with Wheatland and Brockport.

•Plans were underway to clean up Chili's Black Creek to restore it to a Class A recreational waterway so a linear park could be built around it.

20 years ago in 1979

•George Eastman's childhood home was reopened at Genesee Country Museum on July 12, which would have been his 125th birthday.

•Extensive road repairs were being done in Brockport to prepare for the International Summer Special Olympic to be held there in August.

15 years ago in 1984

•Fourteen towns and villages along the Erie Canal, including Spencerport and Adams Basin, hosted the Great Canal Caper, a two day event-filled festival to celebrate the towns' canalside heritages.

•The Town of Parma celebrated its 175 anniversary with a gala fireworks display at the Town Hall.

•It was family fare at the movies with "Gremlins," "The Muppets Take Manhattan," and "The Karate Kid" all playing at the Studio Theater in Brockport.

10 years ago in 1989

•The Spencerport McDonalds was among the top 10% of all McDonalds restaurants, and was given an award in recognition of its demonstrated leadership in quality and service.

•The Hilton Fire Department hosted their 100th annual carnival.

•Area seniors participated in "Cut Throat Euchre" Bocce and rope tossing at the "Senior Olympics

5 years ago in 1994

•The Gillett Road Bridge in Ogden was reopened after being closed for eight years.

•St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hilton added a finishing touch to its one year old building - the 1,200 pound bronze bell from their old church which had been saved from demolition was added to a 30 foot tower at the new building.

•Although "The Lion King" reigned, many felt the need to see Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in "Speed" which was playing at the Cine 8 in Greece.