Yesterday's News for February 2004

Yesterday's News for February 2004

40 years ago in 1964

•Epiphany Church in Gates welcomed Rev. Roger S. Derby as its new rector.

•A remodeling project was underway to create additional shelf space and alleviate some of the growing pains at the Hilton Public Library.

•Ed Merante opened Chili-Paul Barber Shop in Chili-Paul Plaza.

•Representative Harold C. Ostertag (37th District) mailed a questionnaire to a cross-section of district residents asking their view on ten national issues including civil rights, medical care, taxes, federal spending, space exploration, prayer in public schools and the sale of wheat to Communist countries.

•Hilton High School senior Dick Miller became Monroe County Wrestling League Champion in the 180 pound weight class. This was the first time Hilton had a wrestler place first in the county.

•There was a Washington’s Birthday Cartoon Carnival at the Brockport Strand. Admission was $0.35 for 15 cartoons and a comic book.

•Spencerport Fire Department moved all their apparatus and equipment to their new headquarters on Lyell Avenue. The completion of the new headquarters made it possible at last to house all of the department’s equipment in one building for more efficient operation.

•Open bowling was $0.25 per game at Pleasure Lanes in Hilton.

35 years ago in 1969

•All of the drug store stock and real estate of Harradine Drug Store, 13 Lake Street, Bergen, was sold at auction on February 1.

•Gerald Huff resigned as acting Churchville Chief of Police after 10 years of service to the village.

•Hilton Rotary Club sponsored “Showtime 1969,” a variety show featuring magic, comedy and musical acts performed by community members. The show also featured a performance by Dante, a nationally famous escape artist, and a fashion parade by Romper Room’s Miss Rita. Proceeds from the show went to Camp Haccamo.

•Bells Supermarket celebrated their tenth birthday by giving away 5,500 bags of groceries over ten days to lucky customers at the checkout counter when a bell rang.

•Dr. Joseph McGurk took over the Spencerport chiropractic practice of Dr. Youngs who died suddenly in November 1968.

•Spencerport Primary School was burglarized. Two IBM typewriters and one adding machine were taken.

•A Friday night fish fry dinner was $1 at Gitsis Restaurant.

30 years ago in 1974

•Leo Bernabi, Superintendent of Spencerport Central School District, died of a heart attack at age 53 while vacationong in Spain. He held various positions during his 25-year career is the district. Spencerport Intermediate School was renamed in his honor.

•The Booster House, a vacated religious education building that was acquired by the Churchville-Chili Sports Boosters Club and turned into a multi-faceted center for use by the booster club, students and community groups, was flourishing and achieving the goal of reducing vandalism in the area.

•William Farnsworth of Spencerport was named Citizen of the Year for 1973. Farnsworth was a teacher in the Spencerport School District and an active member of the community through his involvement with many local organizations.

•The Ogden Grange celebrated its 100th anniversary.

•Mrs. Shirley Harvey was appointed Deputy Director of Medicaid for Monroe County. The new position was approved by the County Legislature to cope with the workload generated by the spiraling Medicaid program.

•Joe Tramontana, a 1966 Churchville-Chili graduate, was performing in concert on Saturday nights at the Last Call Lounge in North Chili’s Towne Plaza. In addition to cover songs, Tramontana also performed three original compositions.

•The Parma Public Library was granted a permanent charter by the State Education Department. Since its 1968 reorganization as a totally town supported library, it had operated under a temporary charter. The permanent charter indicated that state standards for services, staffing and financial support were being met.

25 years ago in 1979

•Venton Haley was honored by Chili Recreation and Youth Commission for his participation as a former member and chairman.

•It was announced that there would be a vote on whether or not to have a multi-jurisdictional Metro Police in Monroe County.

•Churchville-Chili School District submitted a renovation bond issue to district residents. The proposed $197,624 project included funds for resurfacing and improving parking lots and driveways, as well as renovations to make the buildings more handicapped accessible. The bond was approved 253-54.

•In an attempt to deal with increasing vandalism, the Churchville Village Board adopted a new open container law and rewrote the village’s curfew law.

•An animated version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” was playing at the Brockport Strand.

20 years ago in 1984

•The Hilton-Parma Nutrition Center opened on February 14 to provide two hot lunches a week and various activities for area senior citizens. Meals were provided by the Monroe County Office for the Aging.

•The Futura Committee was being organized in Riga to help identify the future needs and assess possible growth and development in the town.

•Representative Barber B. Conable announced he would not seek reelection to congress in 1984. He had served ten terms having first been elected in 1964.

•A thermometer charting the fundraising progress for a gazebo on the grounds of the Hilton Community Center was erected on February 4 at a site dedication ceremony. The village hoped to raise $10,000 to build the gazebo as part of Hilton’s centennial celebration in 1985.

•Walt Teike received the Terry Justice Memorial Award for outstanding service to Section V Wrestling. Teike was a former Spencerport wrestling coach and former Section V Chairman.

15 years ago in 1989

•Both the Spencerport and Hilton School Districts reached contract agreements with their respective teachers’ associations after months of negotiations.

•Ray and Norma Adams of Riga were named Citizens of the Year by the Churchville Chamber of Commerce. One of their many contributions was bringing the Meals on Wheels program to the community.

•Ogden Farmers’ Library went “on line” as all library materials were bar coded to be read by computers.

•The Brockport Strand got a facelift as the marquee was restored, the lobby redecorated, and the equipment upgraded.

•Frustrated Chili residents gathered to express their concerns about the plans for growth along Chili Avenue. Many felt the plans made by the Syracuse-based Riemann-Buechner Partnership were a good starting point, but were too general.

•Churchville-Chili School Board decided to add a separate football proposition to the ballot in June allowing district residents to decide if the district should phase in a football program.

•Spencerport’s varsity wrestlers won the Section V Class A Championship.

10 years ago in 1994

•Hilton held a send-off party for local speedskater Cathy Turner before she traveled to Lillehammer, Norway to compete in the Winter Olympics. Turner returned to Hilton later in the month with a gold medal for the 500-meter race, and a bronze medal for the 3,000 meter relay.

•Spencerport School District held its first Parent University on February 5. It was a day devoted to adult learning with workshops ranging from child development, education and parenting.

•A landmark building at 1225 Hilton-Parma Corners Road went up in flames on February 8. Built in 1826, it had served as a general store and post office. At the time of the fire the building was the home of Galaxie Auto Parts.

•The Spencerport Ben Franklin store closed after 20 years of doing business in the Village Plaza.

•Spencerport music teacher Terry A. Taylor died February 25 after a long illness. Taylor taught is the district for 25 years, and in 1991 had won the Disney American Teacher Award for the Performing Arts.

•Al Krotz, Hilton High School physical education teacher and wrestling coach, was elected to the Section V Wrestling Hall of Fame.

5 years ago in 1999

•Five break-ins in which food and money were stolen were reported in Churchville on February 1. The village’s ambulance was used as a get away vehicle. A suspect was arrested one week later and was tied to other burglaries across the county.

•Hilton-Parma Senior Center celebrated its 15th Anniversary.

•LeRoy’s Jell-O Gallery was featured on the cable show “Great Day America” on the PAX network.

•An on-line petition was launched urging the New York Public Service Commission to keep the 716 area code in the Rochester area.

•The Rural New York Grant Program awarded thousands of dollars for locally based land conservation and restoration projects including $46,000 to the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society.

•Susan Meier, principal of Hilton’s Merton Williams Middle School, resigned and accepted a position as Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES.

•The Brockport Habitat Project dedicated its first house in Clarkson after two years of planning, fundraising and building. This was the first suburban project of the Flower City Habitat for Humanity.

•Modern Environmental Group from Model City, New York was chosen as the remediation contractor for the clean-up and capping of the Brockport Landfill.

1 year ago in 2003

•Ogden officials scheduled a public hearing about the new town highway garage facility. Half of the funding for the garage, estimated to be $3.8 million total, had been saved in a reserve account. The remainder was to be bonded.

•North Chili’s The Glue Factory was chosen first runner-up in Country Business magazine’s retailer of the year award.

•Doug Hurlbutt, Hilton Dairy milkman, announced he would retire and sell the dairy. The lifelong Hilton resident also served in community activities and several elected positions, including village trustee, mayor and as a volunteer firefighter.

•Holley Central Schools announced staff cuts. A budget crunch blamed on skyrocketing costs for special education programs, contractual obligations, double digit health insurance increases and state mandates all played a part in the $1.2 million budget deficit the district was facing.

•A wall of the Erie Canal in Brockport was being repaired. The $535,217 construction project involved grinding down the old, soft concrete, adding reinforcing steel bars and finishing with a new concrete face which was to be one to two feet thick.

•Byron-Bergen’s girls basketball coach Tom Sherwood was named Class CCC Coach of the Year for Section V. It was the second year he had been recognized for his efforts with the team.

•Students at Spencerport’s Cosgrove School began eating lunch in the school’s new glass walled cafeteria. The new eating area was part of the district’s capital improvement project.