Yesterday's News for February 2003

Yesterday's News for February 2003

35 years ago in 1968

•Miss Rita of “Romper Room” visited Countryside Cooperative Nursery School in Spencerport. She led the children in games and spoke with the mothers about her experiences on the television show.

•A petition signed by 193 residents of the Hillary Heights area demanding an immediate solution to their drainage problem was presented to Chili Supervisor William Kent. Hillary Heights had been flooded three times in two years because of an engineering error that was accepted by the previous Town Board.

•Raymond White, past Chief of the Chili Fire Department, died February 21 after a long illness. White joined the department in 1934 and served 31 years of active duty.

•Friday Fish Fry was 95¢ at Gitsis on Buffalo Road.

30 years ago in 1973

•Ground was broken February 1 for a 205-bed residential home in the Village of Hilton for residents 55 and older requiring some supervisory assistance, but not nursing care. The $2.7 million facility was expected to be occupied by January 1974.

•Ogdenites overwhelmingly voted to retain their right to vote for town clerk and highway superintendent rather than make the positions appointive.

•A photo taken by Susan McKinney of Whittier Road, Ogden, was on display at the Kodak Gallery in New York City as part of a major exhibit of finalists in the 1972 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards.

•Monroe County Board of Health held a testimonial dinner in honor of Dr. Margaret L. Rathbun, retiring Deputy Director of the Monroe County Department of Health, to salute Rathbun for her many contributions toward improvement of public health over the past 20 years. Rathbun directed pioneer trials in Monroe County that led to widespread use of polio and measles vaccines and set up hearing and vision screenings for pre-schoolers.

•The second planned unit development in Monroe County, Village-in-the-Round, conceived by the Ridge Meadows Development Corp., was underway on Big Ridge Road in Ogden. It was a community planned to aesthetically compliment the topography of the land and allow people from all walks of life to live together harmoniously.

•A spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimated that spring flood damage in the Hamlin/Hilton/Ontario lakefront area could run as high as $6.3 million and damage up to 258 homes with damage being impossible to prevent to homes closest to the lake.

25 years ago in 1978

•Former president of Roberts Wesleyan College, Dr. Merlin Grant Smith, 83, died February 2. A North Chili resident for several years, his RWC presidency of 24 years was the longest of any of the institution’s presidents up to that time.

•A fugitive from California was arrested by FBI agents and Monroe County investigators and charged with a bank robbery that occurred January 31 at Chili’s Monroe Savings Bank. $4,500 had been stolen.

•Dick Hill, owner of the Rochester Zeniths basketball team, along with general manager and coach Mauro Panaggio, of Brockport, pulled the team out of the All American Basketball Alliance league only one month after the team’s opening game, because of financial difficulties. Panaggio planned to keep developing the team in hope of playing the next season.

•At a special meeting, the Spencerport Board of Education voted to keep the Elementary School open for another year because closing the school would have meant the elimination of nine BOCES classes that the school housed.

20 years ago in 1983

•The Ogden Town Board appointed Rene F. Hensel town justice to replace Roy “Tink” Burley who had recently retired. A testimonial dinner honoring Burley was held February 25 at Plantation Pines Party House.

•Chili Town Board voted to spend $95,000 to build lavatories in Davis Park.

•Monroe County Sheriff’s Department met with residents of the Hilton-Parma area to discuss the possibility of organizing a neighborhood watch program.

•Diane Cunningham, president of the Churchville Chamber of Commerce, received the Churchville Citizen of the Year Award. It was the first such award presented by the chamber.

•Vince Pimpinella, a senior at Spencerport’s Wilson High School, became the first male is the district’s history to try out for, and make, the cheerleading squad, cheering for varsity basketball. When asked what it was like being a male cheerleader, Pimpinella said, “I’m able to get involved in a sport without actually playing. People think I’m crazy, but where else would a guy be able to spend time with eight of the prettiest girls in our school!”

•The Village of Spencerport was being sued by its attorney, Robert Fraser, over the amount village electric customers pay for nuclear power. Fraser’s claim was that the Power Authority for the State of New York was charging unlawfully for nuclear power because they had no contract with the village for the power. Fraser said that the village was only named in the suit because that is who customers pay their bills to, he felt that PASNY was really the entity responsible.

15 years ago in 1988

•Churchville native Floyd R. Newman donated $50,000 to the Riga Free Library Association. While no definite decisions had been made, the Library Board of Trustees felt expansion of the library building would be the best use of the funds.

•Churchville-Chili High School senior Andrew Riexinger came home from a family trip to California as a big winner on “The Price is Right.” Riexinger won prizes valued at $13,000, including a Wrangler jeep, on the show which was taped February 15 and aired on March 25.

•Citizens in the Town of Chili formed a watch dog group, Citizens for Better Government. Group members said it was not their intent to interfere with the normal function of town government, they were just looking out for the town’s well-being.

•New York State announced that the 1988-1989 budget would include a $1.7 million appropriation for preliminary engineering and design of Route 531 from Manitou Road to Washington Street.

•Helen Nicloy, secretary to the Superintendent of Hilton Schools for 40 years, was elected to the position of Northeast Director of the National Association of Education Personnel, responsible for coordinating information for a ten-state area and serving on national committees.

10 years ago in 1993

•The Spencerport Board of Education decided to put a proposal to offer football as part of their sports curriculum on the budget ballot. The proposal was defeated by district voters in June.

•After spending $100,000 and almost two years, the Town of Parma was ready to begin updating assessment on property in the town. The town was concentrating on bringing all assessments in line with current standards.

•The Town of Riga began setting up correspondence with the city of Riga in the Republic of Latvia, formerly part of the U.S.S.R., and were looking to set up a sister community arrangement.

•DEC officials took samples from barrels stored in a trailer at the Kleen Brite Company’s Fair Street plant in Brockport in order to determine their exact contents in response to concerns expressed by a number of Brockport residents.

•The Riga Town Board voted 4-1 to accept the Mill Seat Landfill amended host community agreement despite disapproval from the 70 residents in attendance at the board meeting.

•Spencerport wrestlers Jason and Joe Barbera and Sirrell Gissendanner remained undefeated through Super Sectionals, the wrestling state qualifier February 26 and 27. The three wrestlers had a combined record of 106-0 this season.

5 years ago in 1998

•BOCES 2, the Town of Ogden, Village of Spencerport and Monroe County celebrated the culmination of a cooperative venture that resulted in approximately 2,300 feet of new sidewalk between the BOCES campus on Big Ridge Road and downtown Spencerport with a ribbon cutting on February 6.

•Patrolman Bill Weimer of the Ogden Police Department was honored at a retirement dinner February 8 at the Gatherings in Churchville. Weimer served on the force for 23 years.

•Members of the Churchville United Methodist Church were trying to raise $30,000 to fund a project to straighten the steeple of their church which had been sinking because a major support beam had rotted away.

•A representative of the Churchville Greene Association addressed the Churchville Board of Trustees seeking the village’s cooperation in efforts to solve an ongoing flooding problem affecting homes in the Greene and on Ridgefield Drive.

•The proposed rezoning of the southeast corner of the intersection of Route 531 and Manitou Road from residential to light industrial created hot debate at an Ogden Town board meeting.

•Plans were underway for improvements at the intersection of Route 531 and Sweden Walker Road after the intersection received a failing grade from state engineers.

•The Microtel franchise was interested in a site on Lake Road in Sweden. The motel chain was considering the purchase of a parcel on the west side of Lake Road, adjacent to the Golden Heights Christian Center driveway.

1 year ago in 2002

•Karen Strauss retired from the Hilton-Parma Recreation Department, effective February 1, after serving nearly 29 years programming adult and youth activities and directing the senior citizen program.

•Freezing rain and wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour toppled trees and downed power lines across much of the region. The Churchville area was without power for 36 hours. Crews from as far away as Massachusetts were called upon to help restore power.

•An accident involving one vehicle completely demolished the Village of Hilton Centennial sign and a brick wall surrounding the sign near the Community Center on Henry Street. The sign had been in place for over 15 years, and the village expected to rebuild.

•At age 16, Churchville’s Lyndsay Wall became the youngest woman hockey player to ever compete in the Olympics. Wall brought home a silver medal from the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. The Village of Churchville held a rally and parade on March 9 to welcome home their Olympian.

•Churchville-Chili Transportation Department moved into its new facility at the corner of Westside Drive and Fairbanks Road over February break. The new facility offered added space and security.

•The Community Free Library in Holley celebrated 55 years of service. The anniversary was being marked by an historical window display, artifacts displayed throughout the library, and patrons signing a memory book.

•Local food shelves were feeling the effects of the economic downturn, with food requests from several new clients, mainly because of job layoffs.

•Brockport Blue Devils defeated Gates-Chili 5-2 in the Class A high school hockey championship game.