Yesterday's News January 2000

Yesterday's News for January 2000

30 years ago in 1970

•Gitsis Steak House and Cocktail Lounge opened on Buffalo Road.

•Town Supervisor Frank Schillaci and Councilmen John Mullaly and Norm Hubbard were sworn in to the Ogden Town Council.

•It cost $5 to have both state and federal tax returns done at H&R Block in Brockport.

•"101 Dalmatians" and "Easy Rider" were playing at the Brockport Strand. Tickets cost $1.50 for adults and 50¢ for children.

25 years ago in 1975

•"Insight," a mobile counseling center for area youth, was established in the Gates-Chili area.

New New York State minimum wage was raised to $1.80 for agricultural jobs and $2.10 for non-agricultural jobs.

The year 2001 seemed so far away as movie-goers watched "2001: A Space Odyssey" at the Brockport Strand.

20 years ago in 1980

The The Hilton Rotary Club named Lloyd "Hy" Burritt, past chief and member of Hilton Fire Department, the recipient of their first annual Citizen of the Year award.

•Churchville's and Bergen's municipal utilities were notified that they had sixty days to pay their bill to the Power Authority of the State of New York or be shut off. The villages refused to pay because they claimed the Power Authority had forced them to buy more expensive nuclear power instead of the hydropower that the villages contracted for.

•Ponderosa Steakhouse opened on Route 31 in Brockport.

15 years ago in 1985

Hilton resident Daniels Dowd won a $10,000 award from Caldwell Manufacturing Co. for a suggestion he made about modifying rod dies. His suggestion was expected to save the company thousands of dollars.

•Hilton kicked off a year-long centennial celebration with a winter carnival.

•Apollo 10, 12 and 15 astronaut James Irwin visited area schools as part of the Encounters in Excellence program.

Local Kiwanis members celebrated the 70th Birthday of Kiwanis International.

10 years ago in 1990

•Serial killer Arthur Shawcross was apprehended in Spencerport after two bodies were found in Northampton Park and the surrounding area. He was charged with eight murders in the Rochester area over the previous year.

•Fire broke out in the Byron-Bergen High School art room. The art room was destroyed and other classrooms were damaged by smoke.

Chili's Historical Society dedicated the great room of the Society House to the memory of founding member and past-president Vern Johnson.

•Doctors Paul DiEgidio and Elizabeth Feltner opened Spencerport Family Medicine.

•Reverend Robert Winterkorn was named Citizen of the Year by the Ogden Chamber of Commerce.

5 years ago in 1995

•Dispatching for the Ogden Police Department switched completely to the 911 emergency system.

•Ownership of Family Hardware in Spencerport switched hands when Dave Ritchie purchased the store from Charlie White.

•The Churchville Chamber of Commerce named Jim Matson, owner and operator of Churchville Agway Farm and Home, their Business Person of the Year.

•The Spencerport Board of Education approved a football program that would allow for one team run by the district but with no cost to the district.