Westside News Photo Gallery
Westside News Photo Gallery

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Kendall Eagle - Scott MacIntosh and his wife, Tracey, of Lomond Shore in Kendall spotted a large bird high in a large tree on the shore of Lake Ontario on May 6 about 9:30 a.m. A birding enthusiast at Braddock Bay Raptor research confirmed the photo taken (above) of the bird was that of an immature one to two-year-old Bald Eagle.

Glacier #3 by Juanita Link was one of the art works on display at the Suburban Rochester Art Group 2003 Spring Show at the Mall at Greece Ridge Center on May 29-31. The Suburban Rochester Art Group is a non-profit local art club established in the Rochester area in 1956. Its purpose is to promote interest in art and hone the skills of member artists through demonstrations, discussion, group shows and events in the community.

Hannah McDonald puts some oomph into her digging. Members of Brownie Troop 958 helped plant dogwood saplings along Coldwater tributary which feeds into Black Creek in Riga and Churchville. Events such as this were part of two-day Arbor Day activities in the town and village April 25 and 26. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

Max Monaghan, whose wish for a Mardi Gras-type festival was the founding idea for the annual Max's Mardi Gras Parade, rode on the lead float decorated with a "Peace" theme in this year's parade held April 25 in Brockport.

Black Creek meanders slowly through southern Monroe County. The Black Creek Watershed Coalition will present its "state of the basin" report on April 29. File photo 2002 by Walter Horylev.

It takes three men to encircle the 16 foot circumference of this 100-year old sugar maple in the Sprucewood Nature Center near Churchville Park. Doing the honors are Community Forester Jim Rhody, John Olsen and Bill Lesher, all members of the Master Gardener Program connected with the Cornell Cooperative Extension. They were in Churchville to do an inventory of the trees in the village. The sugar maple has been heavily damaged by lightning but still has a commanding presence in the area. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

Hilton's man-about-town to celebrate his 85th – Inveterate writer, watercolor artist and cute curmudgeon, Hilton's Herb MacNaughton, will celebrate 85 years on the planet this April 24. Here, Herb is at a writing table in his home along the Salmon Creek in Hilton.

An oak leaf encased in ice and dripping icicles paints a graphic image of the condition which shut down electric power in much of Hilton and surrounding communities during the April 2003 ice storm. Rain continued to fall in spite of the sub-freezing temperature on Thursday, April 3 and Friday, April 4. Fortunately, the weather warmed up Saturday afternoon, melting most of the ice that encased many trees, shrubs and power lines and making repair work possible. Photo by Walter Horylev.
Though cold weather returned on April 6, the calm and sunny conditions were ideal for cleaning up broken tree branches, especially those which posed a threat to power lines. This clean up is being performed by employees of Asplundh, a tree service company from Pennsylvania. Crews came from as far away as Tennessee and Missouri to help utility companies such as RG&E repair lines. Photo by Walter Horylev.

About 175 people attended a Candlelight Vigil at Chili American Legion Post 1830 Tuesday evening, March 25. Organizer and Post Commander Sue Philips said she was upset by all the negative talk about the war in Iraq and decided to get a group of people together to show support for the troops. Prayers, patriotic music, a spirited singing of "God Bless America" were part of the program. Keith Lape, a Chili American Legion member, whose son is currently serving with the 319th military intelligence battalion, read the veteran's prayer. Top left: Melissa Hodge is framed by flags and flickering candles. Photographs for Westside News Inc. by Walter Horylev.

Madeline Erickson, breeder and co-owner, gently holds Abbey's head while Carol Gefell, professional groomer and handler, works on Abbey with a comb. Abbey is co-owned by Erickson, who lives in the Churchville area, and Art and Phyllis Collier. Abbey, a three-year-old Old English Sheep Dog, was awarded a ribbon for her breed characteristics in Waco, Texas last October at the National Old English Sheep Dog Show and will be shown at the Westminster Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, NYC on February 10 and 11. According to Erickson: "The reward of a good breeder is to have a dog accepted to the Westminster Show."

Brockport firemen battled a blaze at 81 Main Street March 4. Residents of apartments above the street level laundromat had to seek shelter elsewhere and were aided by the Red Cross. The unofficial cause was thought to be electrical. Photograph by John Payne.

Dr. George McKinney (1987 photo by Karen Fien) with Whitey (left) and Junior, one of Doc’s ferrets. Read more about Spencerport's vet, Doc McKinney, in a tribute to his sixty years in business.

On Monday mornings at the Sweden Senior Center, a group gets together to make quilts for many different organizations. They donate their time making these quilts for places such as Alternatives For Battered Women, Birthright, and several different outreach efforts. Shown above (l to r) Karen Richardson, Ann Butler, Rose Miller and Delores Zeiloncko.

From left to right: Earl, Peggy and Randy Sheard offer a variety of items, from the unusual to the everyday, in their store on Route 19 in Bergen.

It's not unusual to find items arranged in unique ways at Sheard's, like the way this antique secretary displays matches and Kleenex®, right next to the condiments. Photographs by Cheryl Dobbertin.

New York State Division 1 Champion Brockport Blue Devils hockey team were honored in a celebration at Ryan's Big M on March 15. The champion team included: Pat Young, goalie; Chris Emmerick, defense; Kyle Foelsch, forward; Spencer Trafton, forward; Nick Berlin, forward; Colby Jones, defense; Jarrod Miner, forward; Joe Mulhern, forward; Matt Popen, defense; Eric McJury, forward; Jason Hage, forward; Lucas Spence, forward; Jeff Prohaska, defense; Craig Willis, forward; Jeff Reynolds, defense; Matt Ritzel, forward; Brandon Dries, forward; Andy Simmons, defense; John Holding, forward; A.J. Dziakowicz, forward; Casey Balog, forward/defense; Ryan Filipowicz, forward; Kyle Filipowicz, defense; Nick Baron, forward; Shannon Conners, forward; Dan Cavanaugh, goalie; Troy Ladue, goalie; Scott Empey, head coach; Mike Militello, assist. coach; Jeff Eberhart, assist. coach and Chris Bourne, athletic director.

Morgan Fitch leans in with a smile on Shadow, an Arabian. Photograph by Walter Horylev

Scott McIlrath and the Barbado brothers, Adam and Andrew, show off their catch from ice fishing on February 18 on Salmon Creek. Among them, they already caught 12 fish before noon. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

The Town of Parma Town Board and Parks Department now offer a year round finished walking path a mile in distance, in addition to three miles of nature trail which can be used for hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing for the winter enjoyment of area residents. The photo, taken looking north, shows the 438 foot path with the town hall and park in background.

Horsing around - Horses are a common sight in the readership in all seasons. Whether for show, pleasure riding or competitive riding, the area boasts about 10,000 horses according to recent state survey. Above, Coz and Joey practice a little nuzzling on a frosty day at the Four Seasons Ranch on Lawrence Road in Clarkson. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

There are no boats waiting to launch on West Beach Road as cold Canadian air masses pass through the area, plummeting temperatures. Photo by Walter Horylev.

While it is customary for the living to honor the deceased by placing wreaths at their graves at the holidays, older cemeteries often go unadorned. But not so in the Parma area where Funeral Director Tom Burger (above) of Burger Funeral Home in Hilton has quietly gone about a special project for the last 10 or so years. He, with the assistance of Richard Wyant, place wreaths at restored and yet-to-be restored sites -- “I do it to remember the pioneer settlers of Parma and to honor their memory,” he said. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

Golden glow – Last week's powdery snow provided just enough cover to diffuse the landscape lighting at the Victorian Bed and Breakfast, Main Street and Centennial, Brockport. Nighttime shot by Rick Nicholson.

Getting ready for the holidays - Volunteers at the Morgan Manning House in Brockport, home of the Western Monroe Historical Society, spent Monday, December 10 dressing the house for the holidays and for the group's Open House scheduled for Sunday, December 15. Above, Chris Mazzarella completes the decorations on a sideboard in the dining room with a beautiful stained-glass window adding a full range of color to the effort. At left, Deanna Shifton and Carol Bott add more splendor to a well-decorated tree in the reception room of the Morgan-Manning house. Photographs by Walter Horylev.

Poinsettias create an explosion of color at Kirby's Farm Market, 9739 Ridge Road West, Brockport. Pamela Warner, greenhouse grower, says the home-grown, floral shop quality plants come in colors to suit any decor and add a big splash of life to indoor holiday decorations. Photograph by Debbie Day.

The long shadows of a late November afternoon stretch across the partly drained waters and leaf-dressed banks of the Erie Canal in Adams Basin. Photograph by Rick Nicholson.

Once again, the “Bridge Closed” sign of the times pops up in that area -- this time on the Gallup Road span. Photograph by Rick Nicholson.

Timothy Bora displays a brown trout he caught November 9 on Sandy Creek East Fork in Hamlin. Photograph by John Payne.

Red leaf on Black Creek. Photo by Rick Nicholson.

Not your average canal trail strollers or Inn visitors - Tracy and Kent Weber exercise their wolves, three of which were young enough never to have seen snow before. They were in the Rochester area to present a show on wolves for the Irondequoit School District and stayed overnight at the Adams Basin Inn Bed and Breakfast in Ogden, the wolves in a large bus specially equipped for their travel. Based in Colorado, the Mission: Wolf group traveled by private bus all over the Northeast this fall carrying this message: "To get people to connect with nature." As Kent Weber says: "A wolf can make a friend but not a pet!" Photo by Walter Horylev.

Norma Demartino and Norm Liss, activities director at the NYS School for the Blind at Batavia, present an award document to Spencerport Lions Club members Melvyn Youngjohn, and Mike Nau, past district governor. The occasion was the 30th dinner sponsored by the Spencerport Lions Club for the students of the school held at Plantation Pines in Spencerport on October 23. The Lions Club, an international service organization, was challenged by Helen Keller in 1925 to be guardians of the blind and vision impaired. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

Hilton Quest students present "Care Packages" to fireman - During the annual "Fire Safety & Prevention Week" in October, students in teacher Katie Paxton-Johnson's class at Hilton's Quest Elementary School presented members of the Hilton Fire Department with "Care Packages" filled with snacks and letters written by children expressing their appreciation for the life-saving work firefighters and emergency medical technicians do.

Giant Pumpkin - This 655 lb. pumpkin took 4th prize in this year's World Pumpkin Confederation giant pumpkin contest in Collins, New York on September 29. John Layton is a fifth generation Bergen farmer who sells between 3,000 to 5,000 pumpkins a year from his Oatka Creek Road stand.

Four-year-old Ryan Schulman got a helping hand from Spencerport Fire Department member Victoria Schleede in handling a water hose during the department's open house.

The Okeechobee heading west into Brockport, September 24, 2002. Photograph by Walter Horylev.

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