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Westside News Photo Gallery

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Once the siding and roof shingles are installed, the house fronting Hickory Hollow, directly north of Spencerport High School on Lyell Avenue, will look like a typical high-roofed ranch house. In reality, this home utilized some very high-tech methods of construction unique to this area which makes it extremely quiet inside, very energy-efficient, able to withstand 200 mph winds and very stable in tornado and earthquake situations. Find out more about this concrete house.

Hilton huddles together in joy as it is announced the Section V team champion with a score of 139.350 points, overcoming a strong Fairport team it had not been able to defeat during the regular season. Submitted photo. more

Shadow's Thunder, a 14 year-old half-Arabian mare, gazes over the old stone fence strewn with maple leaves. Her owner often enjoys a relaxing trail ride through the woods on her farm in Clarendon. November's arrival brought good weather for horseback riding, walking, leaf raking and yard clean-up with the temperatures of the first few days of the month reaching into the upper 50s and featuring some sunshine.

Is it done yet? - Repair and reconstruction work continues on the Route 36 (Washington Street) lift bridge over the Erie Canal in the hamlet of Adams Basin in Ogden, but residents can anticipate reopening of the span in mid-December. According to Superintendent Don Price of Hohl Industrial, “The bridge will be open to traffic by December 15 or 16. There are many things to be done afterwards, but they won’t affect road traffic.” Photographer Walter Horylev was able to shoot this elevated perspective image from a manlift operated by ironworker foreman Tony Gricor. Recent progress to report on the bridge rehab as of October 24 included: removal of the old concrete counterweights; installing new steel on the bridge deck, end frames and sidewalk stringers; chipping concrete in pits to resurface the walls; putting the control tower back in place on the southeast side of the site (above); fixing hydraulic leaks in the lifting mechanisms; and pressure washing and painting all new steel, which may require having to enrobe the bridge in tarps to contain the spray and paint.

Deadheading spent blossoms is one way to keep flowers blooming a bit more. Last week, Nellie Gardner cleans up a trellis of morning glories at Springdale Farm located on the Ogden-Sweden town border on Colby Street. She holds a bouquet from the cutting garden. She’s created all the gardens at the farm in the two years she has worked there. A Sensory Garden features plants with unusual characteristics such as soft, furry leaves such as Lamb’s Ears or the prickly center of Purple Coneflower and is one of eight plots in the Harvest Garden. Photograph by Walter Horylev. more

Some western New York communities were hard hit by a snow storm on Friday, October 13. Wet snow accumulating on tree limbs still heavy with leaves caused downed branches and damage to electric lines. Residents in Brockport, Holley, Albion and further west were without power. Buffalo was hardest hit with two feet of snow and some areas experiencing power outages for more than a week. Photograph from Brockport by Rick Nicholson. more

Deadheading spent blossoms is one way to keep flowers blooming a bit more. Last week, Nellie Gardner cleans up a trellis of morning glories at Springdale Farm located on the Ogden-Sweden town border on Colby Street. She holds a bouquet from the cutting garden. She’s created all the gardens at the farm in the two years she has worked there. A Sensory Garden features plants with unusual characteristics such as soft, furry leaves such as Lamb’s Ears or the prickly center of Purple Coneflower and is one of eight plots in the Harvest Garden. Photograph by Walter Horylev. more

Four-year-old Max Montes of Greece was quite excited about getting his apple from Corey’s Apple Pond at Hilton Apple Fest. Apple Fest Co-Chairmen Dave McCracken and Joe Lee and other committee members had a lot of mud to contend with during the September 30 and October 1 Festival. The Apple Fest grounds couldn’t absorb all the rain that fell all through the month and especially Thursday, September 26 and then Sunday morning, followed by a shower that occurred mid-afternoon on Sunday. About 750 bales of straw were spread on the ground by hand by committee people, crafts people and others. According to Joe Lee: “It was a real team effort!” Click here for more Apple Fest 2006 photos by Walter Horylev.

Road work ahead - Roadwork is underway at the north side of the intersection of East Avenue and Sweden Walker Road. The NYS Department of Transportation is widening the lane and installing a passing lane for northbound traffic. The project also involves reinforcing the passing lane shoulder. Photo by Rick Nicholson.

On Saturday, September 9 more than 600 motorcycles entered the village during the sixth annual “Operation Patriot.” Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn led the procession. They came to pay their respects to those lost on September 11, 2001 while at the same time honoring those that continue to serve. more

A solemn landmark in Brockport, the Firemen's Monument has suffered from exposure to western New York's weather. A fundraiser is underway to refurbish the site. more

The Hilton-Parma Historic Barn Project will display more than 100 Barn Photographs at Apple Fest on September 30 through October 1 in Ingham Room of Hilton Community Center. A framed print of this image will be featured in a raffle during the festival. Submitted photo. more

The demolished Spencerport Fire Department building the evening of August 11. more

Ryan Loysen, Conservation Education Coordinator for the Seneca Zoo Society, spoke about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly to about one hundred very enthusiastic children and parents at the Chili Public Library on August 23. He brought eleven Monarch butterflies in a netted container from which he planned to ID them and release them to the environment. His main purpose, however, was to encourage people to create gardens that attract butterflies, a key point in the Butterfly Beltway Project. He noted that: "Planting milkweed is especially important, as that is the only plant that Monarchs leave their eggs on." The program was planned by Jennifer Lindsay, head children's librarian. Above, Chili resident Valerie Meisenzahl and 19-month-old daugher, Kyleigh, enjoy the moment when Loysen gently placed the feet of a Monarch on her arm.

Fields of gold -- where Hubbell Road meets Dewey Street on the Ogden-Riga town line, looking east. Photo by Rick Nicholson.

Flowery welcome - The Village of Brockport had budgeted for flowers for the historic downtown area but did not have money available to water the plants on weekends; the plants are in hanging baskets and definitely have to be watered at least once per day and the cost of watering on weekends is $200 per day. Consequently, Village Manager Ian Coyle informed the merchants that the flowers would not be put up. Pat Kutz, co-owner of Liftbridge Book Shop, stepped into the breach and contacted people by emails and a letter to the editor printed in Suburban News and The Herald about the situation and the need for money to cover the weekend expense. There was a huge response from citizens and businesses; she raised $1,000 in the first week. As of July 14 she had a total of $1,750 and needs $650 more to reach her goal of $2,400. This will take care of watering 38 baskets, two each on 19 light poles. Says Pat: "I like the baskets of flowers. I see the baskets saying to visitors: 'Welcome to Brockport.' "

Firemen in Spencerport and several surrounding districts fought a blaze at Spencerport's own fire hall on Lyell Avenue August 11. The smoke and burglary alarms at the station sounded about 3:30 a.m. and those first on the scene were able to get the fire trucks out of the burning structure. Though unofficial, some firemen on the scene believed the fire may have started in the meeting room of the building, a place where the department's trophies and memorabilia were stored. Click here for more photos.

The Great Lakeside Bed Race was run on July 23 on Main Street in Brockport. Each of the ten teams participating started out at the south end of the Main Street bridge and ended up at the finish line just south of the Strand Theatre at State Street. The winning team, with a time of 2:22 was Cub Scout Pack 724, sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Kasaraneni, and featuring the Kansas 5-Stars. Photograph by Walter Horylev. Click here for more photos.

The water's fine - The Northwest YMCA is sponsoring a summer recreational program - swimming. Qualified swim instructors and lifeguard supervision are provided for children wanting to learn water skills, safety and enjoyment in a private outdoor pool. Five sessions are planned, two in Spencerport, two in Hilton, and one in Greece. Above, Jenna Williams and Nicholas Bonfiglio race across the pool on their paddleboards.

On a clear day ... On July 9 at Genesee County Airport in Batavia this group jumped from 14,500 feet from a 33-passenger Avicar Casa twin engine turbo prop airplane and completed this formation. What makes this group significant is that as well as being accomplished skydivers, they are all pilots. These 10 people have accumulated more than 31,000 skydivers and 25,000 hours of flying time. This formation was organized by Brian LeSchander (12 o'clock position in black) from Spencerport. Photo submitted by Pat Calandra.

Sea of flags celebrate Flag Day at Hilton’s Northwood Elementary School – From the heart-shaped poster created by 850 grade thumbprints to the flag hats and hand-colored construction paper flags to wave, Flag Day June 14 was noticeably a special occasion, one which the school marked with solemnity as well. Area military personnel were invited, as were political leaders from both Parma and Greece. Gathered around the flagpole, attendees heard musical groups perform “God Bless America” and “The Star Spangled Banner,” and sang “America” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” Invited veterans raised the American Flag, saluted and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Hilton area military personnel were remembered and honored, some of those were graduates of the grade school.

A quiet moment of prayer and reflection before day three of competition at the 2nd Annual Clarkson Rodeo Days held in mid-June. Thousands attended the competition. Click here for more photos.

Al Howe, Commander of the American Legion, Post 788 and Peter Verzillo, Commander of the VFW, Post 6109, presented a plaque to retired County Legislator Pete McCann in honor of his 15 years of serving the community on the Monroe County Legislature. Photograph by Walter Horylev. Photograph by Walter Horylev. Click here to see more photos from Memorial Day 2006 in Hilton.

At SUNY Brockport -- Physical Education major Danielle Harris waves to her family. Hers was one of the 2,000 bachelor degrees conferred May 13. Cell phones helped all keep in touch.

At Roberts Wesleyan College -- Class of 2006 officers together one last time (l to r): Jennifer Bova, treasurer; Justin Niebel, president; Jamarr Myers, vice president; Emily Conger, administrative assistant. Photographs by Walter Horylev.

Relay for Life - The seventh annual Spencerport assembly of cancer victims, families and supporters of this cause was June 2. The cancer survivors had the honor of leading the first lap around the track at the Spencerport High School Soccer Stadium to the accompaniment of continuous applause from the other attendees. The event is festive, yet solemn, and very touching for participants and spectators alike. more

Signs note achievements -Jeff Fitch, owner of Sign Language, and helper Steve Keller install the new sign honoring the National Champion Girls Cross Country Team 2005 and the State Champion Boys Soccer Team 1987 on the Hilton High School grounds. Identical signs were installed on the main roads into Hilton, on South Avenue, West Avenue and Lake Avenue near the village boundaries. The signs are being paid for by volunteer contributions; so far including the Village of Hilton, Denny Wilcox, Di's Embroidery, Mary Ann Hauck, Hilton Parma Memorial Post, Big M, Robert Cusenz Jr., Hilton Rotary, Z's Auto, Hilton Lions, Apple Fest Committee. Top photo, Keller, and Keith Brown, assistant superintendent of the Hilton DPW, carry the new sign to the site. In addition to the achievements in sports, Hilton High School again made the "Newsweek" magazine list of top high schools in the U.S. today, an honor reserved to the top five percent of the high schools in the nation. The Newsweek list tries to measure excellence by ranking schools based on participation in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations, tests written and graded by outside experts. Photographs by Walter Horylev.

Tom Arcara displays his virtuosity on his digitized drum set. Tom, a heart transplant recipient last September and a drummer for 35 years, was told by his doctor to get back playing the drums after his operation. He accompanies a quintet called Second Chance, a group that plays oldies from the 1960s and 70s. He really likes the variety of sounds the digitized set provides, saying: "I have a wider palette of drum sounds. It's like a Moog synthesizer in that it incorporates a digital sampling player and can play musical sounds in addition to the drum sounds. You are not just a drummer, you are a percussionist." The family is organizing a fundraiser for the heart transplant unit at Strong Memorial Hospital. As Tom indicates: "There is no place for spouses to be during and after the transplant operation. I want to do something about that." They are working with the "Friends of Strong" connection. Photograph by Walter Horylev. more

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