November 6 election votes tallied

Voters came out and made their decisions known in local races causing upsets in some towns in the readership.

In the Town of Chili, long-time supervisor Tracy Logel was unseated by David Dunning by a vote of 2,653 to 3,143, respectively. Town Clerk and Town Justice Richard Brongo and Patrick Pietropaoli ran unopposed to retain their seats. Town council members elected were, Virginia Ignatowski, 3,513; Michael Slattery, 3,496; they defeated Timothy Lancaster, 1,921 and James Vandervoort, 2,195.

Town of Clarkson incumbent supervisor, Paul Kimball, ran unopposed and garnered 953 votes. Sharon Mattison won her unopposed bid for town clerk with a vote of 943. She replaces long time town clerk, Fran Wilcox, who announced her retirement. Those who emerged victorious in the three way race for town council seats were incumbent Christa Filipowicz, 874, and newcomer Sheldon Meyers, who has run in the past, 662. Jackie Smith was unsuccessful in her bid for a town council seat receiving 634 votes.

The hotly contested race in the Town of Hamlin went to incumbent supervisor Dennis Roach who garnered 1,258 votes to challenger, Jerry Borkholder’s 395. Town clerk Kathi Rickman was unopposed and received 1,486 votes, Paul Rath was elected in an unopposed race to town justice with 1,442 votes. Thomas Breslawski and David Rose were victorious in their bids for town council garnering 1,161 and 1,207 votes respectively. They beat political newcomers Linda DeRue, 409, and James Nesbitt, 508. Nesbitt, DeRue and Borkholder were prompted to run as a result of the wind tower issue. Borkholder and DeRue had both served on the Wind Tower Committee.

Gay Lenhard, supervisor in the Town of Ogden, retained her seat with a vote of 2,225 over opponent Garry Cranker, 1,622. Town clerk Lynn Bianchi, 2,889, and town justice Michael Schiano, 2,740, were successful in their uncontested bids for reelection.

Elected to town council seats were David Feeney, 2,250 and Malcolm Perry, 2,112; they defeated Anthony McCullough, 1,367 and Wayne McCrossen, 1,501.

In the Town of Parma, Richard Lemcke retained his supervisor seat with a vote of 2,073 against opponent Ignatius LaDelfa, 1,263. Michael Sciortino garnered 2,351 to defeat Harriet Zunno, 1,009, for the town justice seat. For town council, Gary Comardo received 1,767 votes and James Smith received 1,767 to win council seats. They defeated Nicholas Coffee, 1,393 and Joseph Reinschmidt, 1,480.

Brian Speer garnered 2,313 votes in his uncontested bid for highway superintendent.

Town of Riga voters saw uncontested races across the board. Incumbent town council member Kenneth Kuter was elected to the town supervisor role with a vote of 946. For town council, Robert Ottley, 852 and David Smith, 927, were reelected. Louis Amarosa received 915 votes in his uncontested bid for town justice.

Nat O. Lester III emerged victorious in his reelection bid for town supervisor in the Town of Sweden with 1,451 votes. He was unopposed as was justice Carl Coapman who received 1,421 votes to be reelected to his post.

In a contested town board race incumbents Patricia Connors, 1,211 and Thomas Ferris, 1,322 defeated challenger Jeff Davignon, 1,091.

In other uncontested posts in Sweden, Mark Depferd was elected police justice; Sherri Lee Bryant, receiver of taxes and Frederick Perrine, highway superintendent.

In Orleans County, in the Town of Kendall, incumbent supervisor William Vick lost his bid for reelection by a margin of 274 to 556 to political newcomer Jonathan (Jack) Gillman.

Amy Richardson was successful in her contested seat for town clerk. She received 477 to challenger Gay Smith’s 343 votes. Craig Lape received 498 votes for town justice. For council seats, Bart Joseph, 458 and Margaret Szozda, 437 were successful in their bids for seats defeating Daniel Gaesser, 364 and Donald Pritchard, 327.

Warren Kruger received 775 votes for his uncontested bid for highway superintendent.

Town of Murray voters re-elected incumbents in uncontested races. Vote tallies were: Henry Lehning, 374, supervisor; Gary Passarell, 360, town justice; Edwin Bower, 318 and Lloyd Christ, Jr. 327, town council.

In uncontested races, Richard Moy received 304 votes in his bid for supervior; Susan Colby, 305, town clerk; John Girvin, 265, town justice; William Campbell, 283 and Allen Robinson, 279 for town council; Larry Swanger, 315, highway superintendent.

Candidates were unopposed; Bergen voting machines had mechanical difficulties and tallies were not available. On the ballot were William Kolmetz, town justice; Michele Smith, town clerk; Hugh McCartney and Barry Miller, town council; Dave Roggow, highway superintendent.

Monroe County Legislature - District 1
Dick Yolevich held off Democrat challenger Todd Dunn 2,840 to 2,657. Wins in other districts brought the legislature’s blend to 15 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

Orleans County Legislature
Dave Callard, 3,464 and Gary Kent, 3,300 votes, were successful in their bids for Legislator-at-large seats. They were opposed by Harold Suhr, 2,534 and Donald Allport, 3,164 votes.

Note: all vote tallies reported are unofficial.

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