Pictured with the donated window are, left to right: Jeanne Johnson, Hannah Woodard, Sandie Ville, Emily Connors, Gene Rinas and Natalia Wojdak.

Aurora House
receives donation

Aurora House President, Sandie Ville, was contacted by Spencerport resident Gene Rinas who had participated in a raffle, benefiting Habitat for Humanity at the 2007 Home Show held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. He was interested in donating his prize, a 72-inch, half-round window depicting a scene taken from the book, Cinderella. The window was painted by a trio of young artists from Spencerport High School. Teacher Lydia Prusik asked the students, Emily Connors, Natalia Wojdak and Hannah Woodard, to paint the window as part of an artwork competition being judged and displayed at the Home Show.

The girls' artwork will be incorporated into the interior structure of Aurora House. The painted window is similar to the sunrise logo chosen by Aurora House.

Aurora House of Western Monroe County, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which will provide a comfort-care home for the dying, their families, and friends. It will offer hospice-type care at no charge to the client, and is slated to be built in the Spencerport/Ogden area in the summer of 2009.

There will be a new volunteer meeting at the Ogden Farmers' Library on Wednesday, November 14 at 7 p.m. Contact Aurora House by calling 585-313-9553 or www.aurorahousewmc.com.

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