Superintendent of Schools Mary Anne Kermis (right) welcomes students returning to school on Wednesday, September 5, with Andrea Campo, principal at Bernabi Elementary School. Provided photo.

Spencerport school district leader retiring

Spencerport Superintendent of Schools Mary Anne Kermis will resign with the intent to retire on December 21, 2007. "I've always enjoyed working with the staff in this district and feel that they are world-class," said Kermis. "The next superintendent will be fortunate to inherit such a truly wonderful staff."

Board of Education President William Sweeney said, "The board appreciates all of Mary Anne's hard work and accomplishments and wish her the very best in her retirement." The board will meet to plan the process to select a new superintendent.

"Mary Anne has done an outstanding job here in Spencerport," said Spencerport Teachers Association President John Kozlowski. "She has built and maintained a strong working relationship with us. Through her collaborative leadership, she has improved communication within our district, resulting in improved test scores. During her tenure, Mary Anne has focused on what is best for our students in Spencerport. I have really enjoyed working with Mary Anne. She will be missed."

Kermis joined Spencerport as superintendent in July 2005, following two years as Holley superintendent of schools. "I retire with a sense of sadness and a sense of joy," Kermis said. "I am tremendously proud of where we are as a school district and all that we have accomplished together. We had a fabulous opening day program. I will miss all of my colleagues and students here in Spencerport and wish them the best school year."

Kermis and her husband, Dr. Allan Collins, a Latin teacher at Clarence Middle School, have two children, Elizabeth, 18 and Allan, 10.

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