The care and socialization of six pups and their mother, who was found abandoned, has involved many since Thanksgiving Day when they were born. Kathy Beaumont has a farewell hug and kiss for Sage, the last puppy to be picked up for adoption on Saturday January 20. It was a bittersweet moment to have the puppies leave her care, but Beaumont said she and other caregivers were happy the pups and Lucy would have permanent homes.

Arms full - Kathy Beaumont holds the three male puppies and her daughter, Tami, holds the three female puppies.

Girl Scouts from Troop 976 hold the puppies that they helped care for and aided in making them “people friendly.”

Brockport residents Chris and Jack Mazzarella are pictured with Lucy, who they adopted. A pregnant Lucy had been abandoned and was found by Walt Barker on a back road in Clarkson about two weeks before she gave birth to the six puppies. Walt turned Lucy over to Kathy Beaumont, the Sweden-Clarkson Animal Control Officer, who was able to get community involvement in paying for medical services, providing blankets and towels and helping to take care of Lucy and her offspring while they were living at the Sweden facility.

It was definitely
puppy love

It was a little chaotic, crowded and noisy at the Town of Sweden Dog Pound on White Road on Saturday, January 20 what with two penned dogs barking constantly, a crowded room, six puppies and their mother being held by various people, girl scouts from Troop #976, who helped care for the puppies, and two newspaper and other photographers trying to get pictures to capture the moment.

The event was brought about by the fact that Lucy, a Beagle, had six puppies born on Thanksgiving Day (the father is suspected to be an English Springer), and Saturday was the day for those people who were adopting the puppies to come in, fill out the proper papers and take their puppy home. Girl Scout Troops #471, 974 and 976 contributed to the care of the puppies, bathing them as partial requirement for a merit badge and helped them develop by “socializing” with them.

Although freezing cold outside, the warmth exuded by all those dog lovers was enough to make it very comfortable inside and the joy of holding these furry, cute puppies brought smiles to many faces. Kathy Beaumont, Sweden-Clarkson Dog Control Officer, had temporarily called the puppies “the spice kids,” naming the girls Clove, Ginger and Cinnamon and the boys Pepper, Sage and Nutmeg. She was happy that they were all adopted but sad to see them go. Photographs by Walter Horylev.

George Vagg talks to the adopted puppy he named Cloe.

Mike Hackett holds a puppy he renamed Ripken, after the baseball player.

January 28, 2007